Friday, February 20, 2015

3-2-1 Blast Off!

Student's/Astronauts had a blast traveling through our Solar System...virtually!  

I hung 11 cards around the school, one for each planet, one as an introduction to the solar system and one for returning to Earth. Students used our iPads to scan a QR code on each card.  The code took students to various links on the Internet to watch videos, read, and hear songs about our solar system.  As they learned, they had to record their findings in their Astronaut Log Book.  (I included the AR codes in the log book so you can see the links too when the book comes home.)

If you would like your student's to go on a field trip through our Solar System, click on the link below!

Shoot for the Stars: A Virtual Tour of our Solar System wi

We also learned about the different phases of the moon...with Oreo cookies!  YUMMY!

The best part was eating the moon!

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