Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break Trivia

How do you use Remind 101? Like most of us to send reminders to your student and/or parents.  Well as I was sitting and enjoying my morning coffee on the first day of Spring Break, I thought I wish I could do a trivia contest with my students while on break.  Then it hit me….Remind 101 Spring Break Trivia contest.

Here is how it works.

I sent a Remind 101 text out to my second graders (their parents get the text) explaining that every day I will send one or two questions.  They need to log into their Google account and Google Chat the answer to me.  The first person with the correct answer gets the point.  The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will get a prize when we return.

The best think with Remind 101 is I was able to schedule out all of my questions for the week!  NO EXTRA work and NO REMEMBERING to do the trivia each day!

The kids have been having so much fun with this.  Parents have been giving me some real positive feedback too!

Tonight at 6:00 I am sending out a text with a Kahoot code.  We will start a Kahoot quiz, that I designed with 3 questions, at 6:10.  I think this will be  a lot of fun!