Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shoot for the Stars: A Virtual Tour of our Solar System wi

Since budgetary restraints won’t let us take our students on a field trip through the solar system and we don’t have a Magic School Bus, I am bringing the solar system to you.
Tomorrow my students will be traveling through our Solar System....virtually!  I hung 11 cards around the school, one for each planet, one as an introduction to the solar system and one for return to Earth.  

Students will scan the QR codes on each card with the iPads, listen and answer questions about each planet and record their findings in their Astronaut Log Book. (The QR codes are also included in the Astronaut Log Book so students can share their experience with their families.)

Check back tomorrow to see some of my students in action and their work. Also, I will post pictures of our other space centers as we learn about the moon phases. 

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