Friday, November 30, 2012

Common don't scare me!

I had a realization this week...Common Core is not that scary!  Everyone is scared for the BIG switch to Common Core and I have to admit, so was I. Not anymore!  Common Core is not that different to what we have been teaching.  Yes there are some changes and yes it is very specific about what concepts we need to teacher.  However, is that really a bad thing? 
I have been remaking all of my materials and aligning them to Common Core.  I know that this sounds like a daunting task, but this is what has led to my revelation.  Let me share with you my process...
1.  When I make my plans for the week, I look at the Common Core standards that I am responsible for and decide which one I am going to teach.
2.  Then I look through my files and decide which ones apply to this standard.  If they need some tweaking, I make the needed changes and label the file with the Common Core standard it addresses.
3.  If I don't have a file that address this standard, I create one and label it with the standard it addresses.
4.  Lastly, I write the date next to the standard that I am teaching.  So next year, I can separate the standards out my quarters, so it is not such a huge document.

SIMPLE!  This has really helped me become familiar with the standards.  As I have been doing this I have been placing these activities on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

The lessons listed below are available on my website and are aligned to Common Core. Each lesson will tell you exactly what Common Core Standard it is aligned with.  However, there are many more lessons that are aligned to Common Core at my store, but the standard is not listed. I am working on updating these with the standard. 

Contractions Underconstruction
Irregular Plural Nouns Packet
Irregular Plural Nouns SMART board lesson
Thanksgiving  ABC Order and Guide Words Packet
Diving into ABC order SMART board lesson
Cornocopia of Nouns and Verbs
Trick or Treat Nouns and Verbs
Inferencing Suitcase
Expanded Form Elves
I'm Thankful Mobile
Thanksgiving Argumentative Writing
Thanksgiving Personal Narrative Writing
Thanksgiving Procedural Writing
Thanksgiving Writing (Packet of all three Thanksgiving writing lessons)