Friday, March 13, 2015

Let's Go...Build a Kite

This week we used a lot of different math skills to make a kite!

I started off by giving each student a set of measurements for their
kite  (The height, width, and tail length)

First, I had student draw a line on their paper for the height of our kite.
Then, we discussed how to figure out half of the width of their kite.  This was to ensure that our kites would be symmetrical.  After we found half of the width, I had the students place their ruler at the half way mark on the height line and the draw the line for the width.  Now we had a big t shape on our paper.

Lastly, I had students use their ruler to connect all 4 points together to create the kite shape.

After the kite shape was created and cut out, students had to make a tail according to the measurements they were given.  They also had to create a pattern with bows on the kite's tail.  

To wrap up our kite project, students had to take final measurements of their kite in inches and centimeters, identify the type of pattern on our tail, verify if the kite was in fact symmetrical, and write an equation using any of the measurements they took from the kite.  

The end product is a beautiful display of kites in the hallway!  They look like they are flying the hallway. 

If you would like to do this with your class...head on over to my store to pick up your copy of Build a Kite!

Build a Kite: A Common Core Aligned Measurement Activity

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