Monday, June 17, 2013

Organizing Your Fast Facts Bins..part 1

Before a baker begins to bake delicious cupcakes, she read the recipe, preheats the oven, and gets out all ingredients and supplies.  Before you can begin teaching your students how to do fast facts independently, you must first prepare yourself.

Today's post is all about what you will need to begin organizing your fast facts.

You will need...

2 storage containers (One for the addition tub and one for the subtraction tub.)
I prefer Sterilite Flip Lid File Box
 Sterilite® Flip Lid File Box (18781804) - 4 Pack - Ace Hardware
You will need hanging file folders with customizable tabs
I prefer different colors.  I use one color for the test papers and a different color for the answer keys.  This makes it easier for the little ones to find what they are looking for.  (Example: Addition bin, purple for tests, yellow for answer keys.  Subtraction bin, red for tests, blue for answer keys. Green for graphs in both bins.)
Staples® Bright Colored Hanging File Folders, Letter, 5 Tab, Assorted, 25/Box

Now...go shopping.  Get your supplies ready and meet me back here on Wednesday for detailed directions on how to organize your tub, to see pictures of my completed tubs, and for a FREE addition tub and subtraction tub label!

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