Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Drama Free Fact Memorization in ANY GRADE!

If you haven't noticed yet, the name of my blog has changed from Spoutin' about 2nd to Spoutin' about 1st and 2nd Grade: Adventures in a 1st and 2nd Grade looping class.'s official I will be a looping teacher!  I am soo very excited.  I spent the first 7 years of my career teaching 1st was my first love.  Then three years ago, I was switched to 2nd grade and it became my second love.  Now I get the best of both worlds. 
One thing that I feel that I lacked as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher was getting my students to memorize their math facts.  I think it is partially due to the fact that I HATE grading timed math tests just as much as I HATE giving them!  (I loathed those tests as a child too!)  However, with Common Core I NEED to make sure that my students are learning them and I need to hold them and myself accountable.  This year I was thrilled when I came up with a system for my students to test, grade, and track progress all INDEPENDENTLY! 
I will be spending the next few weeks blogging about my system and how you can implement this into your class at any grade level. 

Overview of my system
* Students work in partners at a fast facts station during guided math
* Students get materials. (timer, laminated test, laminated answer key, and graph)
* Students sit facing each other. One student has answer key, one student has the blank test.
* Student with the answer key, starts the time for one min.
* Student with the test, orally says the answers.  The student with the answer key follows along; circling any wrong answers.
* Student with the answer key marks where they left off after one min and reports how many the student got correct.
* Student with test marks his graph showing level, date, and number correct.
* Students switch roles and repeat.
* Once a student has gotten all the problems correct within the time limit, they can move on to the next level.  Students get all their materials for the next level.

This is just an overview of my system...I will be going into great detail on how I set this up, how I train my students, and the materials I use will available at my teachers pay teachers store soon!  Check back often to read all about this!

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