Friday, February 3, 2017

100th Day of School

 This year I finally jumped on the "dress like you are 100 years old" bandwagon.  Let me tell you, this was my favorite 100th day EVER!  I have not had this much fun in a long time.

I had so much fun dressing up. I am even planning how I can improve my costume for next year. 

Check out some of my cute oldies!






Of course I could not resist using the app Oldify to make all my students look really really old...including myself. 

We played all kinds of 100th day games!  

Here are my students at the 100th day physical activity station.  Students had to do 100 hula hoops, jumping rope, bounding a ball, sit ups, etc. 

Playing race to 100.

Building a 100 domino train...then knocking it all down!

100 creatures/designs

Here they are creating their spinner.  After creating their spinner, they had to spin it 100 times and keep tallies of what the spinner landed on the most. 

Of course we couldn't go without writing 100 words...after our whole class read 100 books. 

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