Monday, July 21, 2014

Best Summer EVER!

This summer has been the best ever as I  have spent my time with my AH-MAZ-ING 3 year old daughter.

We have spent time swinging, playing outside, learning our alphabet, swimming and of course...

playing with HER pet duck!

Yes, you heard my correct.  We have a pet duck.  It all happened when we were hatching duck eggs in our classrooms last year. One of my dear teacher friends was getting ready on her wedding day.  Ashley and I stopped by to check on her eggs and to our amazement, a duck was hatching right before our eyes.   The duck, now known as MR. Peeps, even though I am pretty sure he is a MISS, came home with us for the long weekend. Well, he/she has been with us ever since.

Mr. Peeps thinks Ashley is his mother.  He will literally hug her back, sit in her lap, and "cry" when she walks away.  He is also developing a GREAT friendship with our 11 year old Lab Drake.

Drake and Peeps in the Kennel.  Mr. Peeps is hard to see, but he is to the right of Drake.

I have not blogged lately about anything school or really done anything other than pinning...SORRY! This year it is my goal to grow my blog and make it more of a priority.  Like, I said earlier thought, I have been working with Ashley on letter recognition.  I made a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree in our living room.  

Each night we put an empty coconut in her room. 

When we wake up there are letters inside.

We identify the old letters we know.  Then, we add the new letters.  

After the letters are done we have been singing the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom song as we point to the letters.

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