Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Mayflower Voyage

Today we read an article called, Meet the Pilgrims. (Which was from All About Thanksgiving, by Stephanie Stewart.) We answered questions about article by going back and locating the information in the text. Then we compared the information in the article to the information presented in the website below. 

Click on the picture to visit the website.

We then made our own maps of the Mayflowers Voyage.  (Also from All About Thanksgiving..I highly recommend the purchase!)


Lastly, we discussed if we would like to go on the Mayflower.  Most of us said, despite the terrible conditions and leaving everything we have ever known, we would still go on the Mayflower.

Four of us have changed our minds since creating our graph.
 I then created an online survey for my students families to take so we could analyze the data.  We can't wait to see the results!
What would you do?  Fill out our survey below so we can analyze the data! 
Would you leave everything and take the voyage on the Mayflower?

pollcode.com free polls 

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