Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Strategic Thinkin' in 1st

I am in LOVE with this FREE game that I found on TPT!
My class and I had so many good discussions about strategy and probability from one adorable little game.  I was amazed at the thinking my students did...and they are ONLY first graders!
If you want to see what my Wonderful Whales and I did with this game, click on the link below to read my classroom blog: www.wankeswonderfulwhales.blogspot.com 
Mrs. Wanke's Wonderful Whales: "Sum" Halloween Fun: Yesterday we played a Halloween Addition game. We had to roll a dice. Move that number of spaces, in any direction, on the game board. ...
Click on the picture below to download your free copy and begin strategizing with your firsties! 

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