Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Summer Summer TIME!

I have been MIA! Well below is the reason for my absence.

My days have been filled with Cheerios, toys, dirty diapers, naps (Pinterest time for mommy), hugs, Dora, books and lots and lots of FUN!  I am already naming this the BEST summer ever!  Last summer my little peanut was only a few months old, so this summer is totally different and I am loving every minute.

I have however been logging some time on Pinterest and I am getting inspired for this upcoming school year.  I will be blogging about all my "inspirations" as I try them in my classroom.  If I make any kind of resource, I will post it to Teachers Pay Teachers as a FREE resource.

PREVIEW as what is to come!
1. Friday Journals
Students will journal a letter to their parents about what they did during the week. 
2. Daily 5 writing board
A board with activities with independent writing activities to do during Daily 5
3. Organization

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